Reasons to hire a Virtual PA

“Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow”

As your business grows you may need help occasionally, more regularly or may be you are downsizing to remain competitive.   As you look around for help consider just six reasons why a virtual PA may be your answer.

1     Cost savings

Virtual PAs incur none of these costs, they come per hour or per day.   Unless you specifically decide to advertise for one, they are available without any recruitment cost.   Virtual PAs are self-employed, they cover their own costs, do not claim for holidays or sickness and are often far more qualified than the average person you may find through normal channels.

Because they have chosen this freelance route the virtual PA may charge more than your original hourly rate for an employee but without all the extras you will find you could save in some cases up to half the cost.  The table below is based on an employee working 20 hours at £8.00ph and for illustrative purposes only (also includes employee at £15ph and Virtual PA at £15.  It includes NI contributions, Employer Pension costs, holiday and estimated sick pay.

2      Improved business productivity

Routine and recurrent procedures do not require the knowledge and experience you may have and can be dead tasks not permitting the business to grow and mature.  A virtual PA will master the process quickly and efficiently releasing you back into productivity activities.

3       Focus on core operations

Imagine working on a quote, sketching a plan, doing the job you spent years preparing for.   Do you remember why you began training for your chosen career path?  Was it a love of a subject or a passion to create the end product.   Are you doing that now or are you bogged down in a quagmire of phone calls, reports, invoicing and accounting.  Go back to your core operations and leave the admin to someone who is passionate about these tasks.

4      Access to up to date skills and technology

Technology is changing all the time, as soon as your staff beg you to invest in a new computer, software and programmes they are already out of date, no longer supported and in some cases obsolete. Not to mention the regular training required just to keep up with changing industrial advancements.   Most virtual PAs have contract software giving them constant support and up to date equipment.  They spend their own time and money investing in training, allowing them to offer a range of contemporary and futureproof resources and skills.

5       24/7/365  

Virtual PAs work strange and non-conventional hours which can dovetail nicely into your world of practical working day and catch up.  They are often around during the holiday season, with some night owls and some morning larks.  They work from their own space and can pick up emails at all times of the day.    They also tend to work in packs opening up a complete and interleaved root network of skills and availability assuring you of continual back-up.

6       Makes life less stressful

Do you work to live or live to work?  Let go of tasks that you can hand over and create a better work/life balance.  After all we may all be working far later into the autumn of our years than we ever anticipated as youngsters in our first jobs.  Virtual PAs are there to help and to create a sustainable future for you and your business.  Use One!


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