Take Back Time

So you finally realised your goal – you launched your own business, enabling you to do what you know best, using your skills, knowledge and training. It is exciting, terrifying and many other emotions in between. It is up to you, now you are your own boss, but all the profit will come back to you now. That first big client signed up, you did a fabulous job and more work is coming your way.

But why is time so elusive now you are running your own company?

It hasn’t taken long for you to discover the big hurdle, professional paperwork. You may have computer skills, but spending hours trying to set up an accounting system and keeping up to date with invoicing, or sending out emails, is eating into your day and soon you find you have no time to take on new clients. Maybe costs are running away, too, as you struggle to keep track of expenditure.

When you were working for a company as an employee, all this was taken care of by the secretaries, the accounts department and the receptionists. Your business can’t afford these departments, currently there are not enough clients to sustain a secretary or administrator and anyway you wanted to be a free spirit and not be encumbered by employing others.

So how can you claim back your time?

Vale Secretarial can help you take your business back to productivity by taking on the boring and mundane jobs while you go out and be the best in your field.

We can give you a professional persona through social media and marketing, blog writing and data input.

We can offer old fashioned secretarial skills, producing reports, invoices or spreadsheets. With our knowledge of digital accounting systems we can work with you on your accounts.

We don’t ask to be employed, we will work for you on a regular or ad hoc basis. You don’t have to pay for holiday or sick pay, and there is no national insurance, PAYE or pension cost to you.

If we can help you get back to the job, give us a call. We would love to meet you for an informal chat to see what we can offer you.

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